Direct Marketing Postcards

Direct Marketing Postcards

Example of our Exclusive Postcard

We are pleased to offer an exclusive direct marketing postcard system here at Bama Local.

Our unique 9 x 12 postcard reaches 10,000+ Homes in an new and exciting format that catches the attention of home owners the minute they pull it out of their mailbox. This means you, as the Business Owner, can absolutely get your business in front of 10,000+ curious and interested customers. Our Average RESPONSE RATE is 1% … That’s over 100 potential New Customers coming in your door and we have had reported response rates as high as 4.5% for one advertiser on the Card.

With ethical bribes in the form of fantastic deals, coupons and savings, you can catch the attention of potential clients and customers. This postcard goes directly into the actual hands of customers. Our postcard isn’t yet another email to delete without opening or an insert bundled with 5o other business advertisements. It also isn’t a small space of advertising that get’s hidden in the folds of a newspaper. Our postcard is bold, large and attractively laid out for the best consumption of information.

Did we also mention that it’s effective?  This is the type of marketing piece that gets put on the fridge with a magnet, folded up inside a purse or cut up for the coupons.

We offer exclusive categories on each postcard so you can rest assured that you won’t be on the same card as one of your local competitors. For example, if one of the local Pizza establishments has secured a spot on the postcard, we won’t offer a position to another Pizza business. We want your marketing efforts to be solid investment, so we wouldn’t split your customers between your business and another!

Space is limited on our postcards and fill up quickly. If you are interested in sharing a special deal with the community in an unique and attractive way, please contact us to discuss rates, publication times and all of your options.

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